For the love of pets, spay or neuter!

An important part of Homeward Bound Pet’s mission is to advocate for spay/neuter for all cats and dogs. All of the pets ready for adoption at Homeward Bound Pets Adoption Shelter have been spayed or neutered.

With the help of many volunteers, we have been conducting Community Spay/Neuter Clinics for cats with funding assistance from a generous grant from the PetCo Foundation, some Yamhill of county cites, Yamhill County and private donors.

For  Low-Income Owners and Caretakers.

Since February 2011, we have spayed/neutered 2,800 cats.

Once a month, we load up between 25 to 40 cats (pets, strays and ferals) that have been registered through our appointment line. Early in the morning these cats are transported to spay/neuter facilities (such as Tigard Animal Hospital) for their surgeries, and returned to the shop for pickup by late afternoon. The fee for spay/neuter is $30.00, but our motto is ‘no cat turned away’. We also provide an option for owners who would like to make their own appointment at their convenience and can provide their own transportation.

For more information about upcoming clinics, or to make an appointment, call: (971) 267-2567. Please leave a message and your call will be returned within 48 hours.